Oakley Gas Can Eyewear

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The Gas Can polarized sunglasses are built to stare down the competition.

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Subaru can has 85 octane gas?

So the dealer and the user manual sez I need to use 87 octane for my new non-turbo Subaru. Minimum octane here in CO is 85. I have heard that the altitude here makes 85 behave the same as 87 at sea level. Bullcrap? Do I really need to use mid-grade fuel here at 6k feet or would that just be wasting ... Read More »

Can we have a 42% VAT and $8 Gallon gas...

So we can feel as good as the Europeans. They seem so happy, and I want to be happy. This 20% flat tax Perry is defecating is unfair. It is too low and it won't go far in able to contribute to government programs that help illegal immigrants and such. I would be much happier with a 42%VAT.Read More »

Gas poll no one can answer with certainty...

Nobody really knows the answer to this, but it came up today and I'm just curious about the consensus: Will gas come back down to a price you consider reasonable? I've been through 40 years of these swings since I started driving, and I always figured (correctly, except for once) that prices would ... Read More »

I can has a new gas grill?

Anyone have one of these Webers? Looks like a pretty decent grill. Read More »

Can anyone explain gas prices?

[url]http://money.cnn.com/2005/03/08/news/economy/gas_prices.reut/index.htm?cnn=yes[/url] So they are going up. I don't get how someone decides what the price is supposed to be in the first place? ANyone have a clue? Seems that it always goes up when summer comes around--just in time to soak the ... Read More »

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