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So money. So money. You are so money. Oakley got into the active sunglass game with their Frogskins, a take on the classic wayfarer style that Tom Cruise mugged in for Risky Business and very much about the style Vince Vaughn rolled with in Swingers. Oakley kept the money theme rolling with a Five, Ten, and Twenty. This Oakley Ten Iridium is clearly a take on that basic shape encompassing influences from their Monster Dog and Scalpel. It has the more rectangular lenses that are often present in casual wear, but with a lens curvature and sculptured earpieces that harkens to their sport specs.They call this an Active sunglass, meaning it's sporty and functional enough to work out on the bike, but with a look and aesthetic that is more weighted toward use at the sun-drenched cafe you go to for your apr?s-ride meal.The Oakley Ten Iridium is available in two color combinations -- Black Ink w/Black Iridium lenses and Matte Black w/Warm Grey lenses. Black Iridium is a dark, neutral base lens with a mirror coating. It has 10% light transmission, meaning it is best used on extremely sunny days. Warm Grey also allows 10% light transmission and has a neutral base, but the tint has more of a warming effect on what you see. Included with the glasses is a soft bag that doubles as a lens cleaning cloth.

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