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Optic Nerve Axel Polarized - Black

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Flatlander doing the Axel Merckx Okanagan (PGAMO)

Greetings, I've signed up for the 2014 PGAMO and was wondering if anybody was familiar with the course. Being a flatlander from Texas I'm concerned about the climbs. I've been riding for 3-4 years and have trained on some pretty good hills in the Austin hill country area but I'd like some point ... Read More »

Axel Project Bicycle Classic

A great ride in one of the most beautiful parts of Colorado for a wonderful cause. [url=http://www.axelprojectride.com]Axel Project Bicycle Classic[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]292117[/ATTACH]Read More »

Axel Nuts vs Older Dura-Ace Steel QR ?

Sheldon Brown's site states an older heavy duty steel QR like the DA, I have several, can be used instead of nuts to secure the rear wheel. I was wondering if anyone here used QR and those my not feel this is a secure method to secure the rear wheel.Read More »

Z series axel to crown measurment?

Looking to change out the fork on my Z and need to know the axel-crown length. I measure 371mm, but even a few mm off can make a big difference, and I’m hoping this is right because it gives me a lot of room to work with as far as lowering the front end and sharpening up the steering. If anyone kn ... Read More »

Eddy and Axel Merckx and BMC...

Taken when Axel was riding for Phonak... [IMG]http://www.fototime.com/4A382C509DF26E6/standard.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

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