Ryders Eyewear Binder Eyewear

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Ryders Binder InterX Sunglasses are really cool. No, really! These are designed to optimize airflow and manage your temperature while wearing a helmet.

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Lower Stem Binder Bolt Prone to Stripping ?

I've had the lower steering column binder bolt on 2 threadless stems strip out. I've only been torquing them to 8-9 Nm. Are they prone to stripping? Is there a workaround?Read More »

Broken Seat clamp Binder Bolt

I have a 2012 BMC road racer and this is what happened to the front seat clamp binder bolt. The lower seat clamp is also cracked. Has anyone else seen this? Also, should there be two conical washers. I could not find anymore hardware on the road. [ATTACH=CONFIG]283568[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2 ... Read More »

Help: Streetfire Seatpost Binder Needed

Hey all! I've been searching high and low for a replacement seatpost binder for my 09(?) Streetfire. I haven't had much luck. I don't need the ti hardware but I do need both the left (threaded) and right (unthreaded) pieces. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The pic shows what I need ... Read More »

Seatpost binder bolt

Would any one be able to tell me the correct seatpost binder bolt for a 2011 jamis quest? 2 local jamis dealers have given me 2 different size bolts and jamis tells me to ask a dealer. I just want to replace the binder bolt with the factory spece'd bolt instead of the rigged up one I'm using since ... Read More »

Stripped Seat Binder Assembly

In a moment of stupidity and impatience I ended up stripping both seat binder bolts on my streetfire ssx01. Can a normal seat collar be used as a temporary fix? Thanks.Read More »

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