Ryders Eyewear Hex Eyewear

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Product Description

Ryders Hex Photochromic Sunglasses have a lightweight blade and high airflow. Designed for female athletes and made for speed.

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Need help, stripped hex screw cap

I'm trying to restore my grandpa's old vintage bike, Mirella/Leri frame with Campagnolo parts. Any suggestions on how to remove this cap which needs a hex bit without completely destroying it? Im Trying to take off all the pedal components to clean them, get new grease and work on painting the frame ... Read More »

Hex Key comparison

I have a large collection of hex heys from various manufacturers, and just spent some time figuring out which had the best fit for my bike toolbox/seatpack. I looked at Wera (Germany), Wiha (Germany), Gearwrench (Taiwan), HexPro (folding keys from Taiwan), Bondus (several variants), Park (all of the ... Read More »

P90 hex

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