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Smith raised the bar with the Advocate Polarized Sunglasses. The Carbonic Polarized TNT lenses cut glare and optimize visual clarity and object definition.

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Genetic patents: Supreme Court sides with patient advocate groups

Another blow by the Federal Government against Free Enterprise. Now life saving genetic research firms will be prevented from patenting genes found in nature. [QUOTE]“The U.S. Supreme Court restricted the ability of companies to patent human genetic sequences, ruling in a case that tested a deca ... Read More »

Socal police harass bike advocate, then... apologize!

From my [URL=""]bNB[/URL] colleague Frank Peters: [QUOTE]Bike riders, I've written a 3-part series this week on my interactions with NBPD as it relates to a bike crash on Coast Hwy in CdM last Sunday: The ambulance had just pulled away as I came upon the scene. I ... Read More »

LGB bicycle advocate killed

Long Beach bicycle advocate, Mark Bixby, was one of six people killed Wednesday in the crash of a King Air on take off. It was to be a Utah ski trip.Read More »

When should anyone advocate violence against Police?

Or, when will KenB organize his revolution?Read More »

Play Devil's Advocate - tell me why I should ever go into my office again.

[LIST=1] [*]My direct manager sits in Arizona [*]My secondary manager sits in China [*]My direct employees all sit in China, Oregon and Ireland [*]No one knows or cares where I am [*]My wife is OOT for the next 18 days and I am loaded up with ranch chores [*]No one knows my desk phone number [ ... Read More »

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