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This complete package is indeed made greater by the sum of its parts. With a host of performance features and a streetwise stance, the Collective is...

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The downside to losing collective bargaining for teachers...

One of the downsides to losing collective bargaining for teachers, one I hadn't thought about, is that collective bargaining was a 2 way street that had a lot of benefits for poorer school districts. Basically, teachers are now free agents- as in, before, collective bargaining meant that all teac ... Read More »

"our collective music taste is terribly poppy and probably horrible."

Spotify has listed the top 10 most popular tracks on it's music service for 2012 [url][/url] A list of dreck IMHO. Must be dominated by the under 18 crowd.Read More »

"Opinion: Armstrong case provides a window into our collective morality"

Great Velonews article: [url][/url] [QUOTE]Simply put, the Armstrong case may be symbolic of a decline in our popular morality, which worships celebrity above fair play, ... Read More »

"Most collective transport schemes are based on a false assumption that if given a

cheap and effective option, people will use it." Interesting thought from this article about getting people onto bikes. [url=]How Do You Wean People Off Cars? By Rebranding Bikes And Buses | Co.De ... Read More »

Part I: Collective bargaining a natural right? Why is it or why isn't it?

Part I The common position among the right-wing is that collective bargaining is a privileged, not a right. That opinion is wrong. Edited to reduce distraction from the fundamental question.Read More »

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