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Fresh style with familiar fit and features. This

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I Don't Think The Forum Rules Would Allow Me To Post This Directly...

... but she does mention riding bicycles in it (NSFW). [url=]Skylar Grey - C'mon Let Me Ride ft. Eminem - YouTube[/url]Read More »

Filtering specific forum on this site

I haven't been able to determine this by poking around. Is it possible to mark a specific forum or two when using this site? Thanks, RichRead More »

Dead gorgeous J.P. Weigle for sale on Paceline Forum

An extraordinary frame, and I am totally digging this paint job: [url=]FS: Mid 80's JP Weigle First Gen C Record as seen in Playboy, Bicycling Mag - The Paceline Forum[/url] Many special bits including a Campy 50th Anni ... Read More »

New to the forum.

How's it going. Figured I'd introduce myself to the forums. We'll start out with the typical married, father of 4, engineer and machinist and I ride a fixie. I'm new to the forums and nearly feel like I'n new to bikes. I took about a 20 year vacation from riding and got a little plump in the pr ... Read More »

PO FORUM JERSEY: would you be ashamed to wear it?

Anyone have any artwork they feel would represent the PO forum spirit on a jersey? I'm thinking this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]300292[/ATTACH]Read More »

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