Smith Method Eyewear

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The Method Polarized Sunglasses are ready to race.

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The free method of getting an extended warranty

Making a major home or consumer electronics buy is a large decision. Many retailers are getting to the extended warranty sport. Extended warranties are often expensive. Basically, the plans are insurance policies on your things. Several individuals don't realize, though, that extended warranties can ... Read More »

any method to use plasti-dip on helmet

Hi, I'd like to know if anyone has plasti-dipped their helmet and chainstay. My helmet is white and red and would like to make it gunmetal gray or black. Also, I'd like to know if anyone used it to plastidip the chainstay so it will become a chainstay protector. Also, is it easily removable? Any ... Read More »

Proper Chain Installation, which method?

Youtube show different methods for installing and sizing a new chain. One is to put chain on small chainring and smallest cog and pull chain together untill the chain just doesn't rub on the deraileur pully cages. Another says but the chain on the large chainring and the second to the larges ... Read More »

Preferred method of drinking while racing

Newbie here, and I have what might seem like a silly question for veterans here, but why do all bike racers prefer these squeeze bike bottles. I did some triathlons and I have to say that I love the convenience of the bottle right on the handle bars with a straw. It helps me keep my eyes on the roa ... Read More »

”Credit Card UAE: Effective Cost Saving Method”

[FONT=Arial, sans-serif][SIZE=2]Finding a perfect credit card is dependent upon your monthly income, shopping needs and other individual requirements. [B][url=] Credit card UAE [/url][/B] delights their customers with exotic offers, fantastic shopping privileges an ... Read More »

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