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Spy Alpha Eyewear

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Need help identifying wheels on new (used) Trek Alpha 2.3

Hi all, I posted a question over in wheels that hasn't gotten a reply yet so wondering if this is a better thread? please check out my post: [url]http://forums.roadbikereview.com/wheels-tires/help-identifying-wheels-2011-trek-alpha-2-3-a-337404.html[/url] I'm trying to identify the no-name rims an ... Read More »

Help identifying wheels on 2011 Trek Alpha 2.3

Hi folks, Picked up a sweet 2011 trek alpha 2.3 from craigslist yesterday. It's been ridden about 300 miles so looks awesome. The only changes the owner told me he did was switching the seat and tires. Now that i have it home, i realize that the rims and hubs have no lettering whatsoever, so am w ... Read More »

Alpha Q fork offset

Anybody know how to interpret the fork offset for this Alpha Q GS-10 from the number on the steered tube? Does the "744" imply that it's 44 mm? QGS10-8H-744-2-UPRead More »

Pacenti SL23 verses Stan's Alpha 340

I'm looking at a new lighter wheel build after having lost considerable weight over time. After much thought and research, I have narrowed the rim selection down to either Stan's Alpha 340's or a set of Pacenti SL23's. Hubs will be White T-11's. I understand the 1st generation Alpha 340's h ... Read More »

Trek Alpha SL Aluminum versus Carbon

My first road bike was 1999 Trek 2200 and I am still riding it. I stopped riding the bike on the road for quite some time as all our roads in my rural area are going to chipseal. (Man I hate chipseal!!!) I was also a lot heavier and last year I finally got my chit together and lost some weight. ... Read More »

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