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Spy Rivet Eyewear

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Missing rivet on FD "braze-on"

I am writing to ask how to replace a missing rivet on the front derailleur mount on my Cervelo RS. Is this just a "normal" pop-rivet or is it something special? Any surprises in this fix that I should know about? My RS is a 2008 model. The FD mount is attached to the frame with three rivets; two ... Read More »

Broken rivet in cable guide on aluminum frame - how to fix?

Hi folks Two rivets hold down a cable guide and one is broken, so the cable is being held, but it needs something done. [URL="http://postimg.org/image/6hfnglje5/"]View image: DSC00610[/URL] [URL="http://postimg.org/image/rflteoj8t/"]View image: DSC00611[/URL] Any idea how to fix this? I'm not op ... Read More »

Van Dessel Rivet retrofit Shimano Di2 Internal

Van Dessel was one of my team sponsors and they came out with custom team Rivets for the team (US Military Cycling). Since we have moved on to new bike sponsors, I can get my hands on a new team frame from the service course. However since I just bought a used internal Di2 group I was wondering ab ... Read More »

Van Dessel Rivet?

Texas cyclesport [url=http://www.texascyclesport.com]Texas Cyclesport Road Bikes Parts Frames Groupsets & Apparel[/url] carries Van Dessel (never heard of them) Rivet. I think they're sharp. With a 22% BIKES coupon code, can get a nice SRAM force or Campy Athena/Chorus mix for around $2500. Some ... Read More »

Recommendations for saddles with notably awesome "rivet/neck" sections...

Lately, I've been on the "rivet/neck" more and more often to make the most of it. I can ride my current E3 Form Ti without problems when [I]occassionaly[/I] moving to said position, but at times when I'm doing longer trainer intervals, some pains start to emerge. Nothing major, but enough to make me ... Read More »

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