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Spy Screw Eyewear

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Did Sagan screw up today?

I realize that he's got the green on his mind and is probably racing smart in order to keep it but letting Cav go past him and then sprinting looked like a mistake. No?Read More »

Garmin Screw Up Double post

Sorry was getting a data base error...Mods please delete double postRead More »

Garmin Screw Up - Won't Honor Price

Sorry, was getting datas base error after posting. Mods, please delete triple postRead More »

Am I lost or did I screw up ?

My bike has sora shifters 3 X 9 capability, but set up stock on my 2008 Masi Alare as a 2 X 9 50/34 with 12/25 cassette. I have pretty much upgraded/rebuilt everything but drive train. Now it is time for that, I need to go with a triple crankset (I suck :blush2: climbing). I have ordered a 52/42/30 ... Read More »

B-Screw too close or too far? What are the symptoms?

Yes I know that the best way to get the B-screw setting correct is to measure. But once the chain is on, are there any telltale signs that the B-screw is too close or too far away from the cassette? I have new Red, and I believe that the B-screw was too far from the cassette. Shifts from bigger to ... Read More »

Read More »




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