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Spy Screw Eyewear

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Wet weather shoes (SPD) (small two screw) (or other cleats)

Ok, around here, we don't get a lot of below freezing weather, although many frosty nights, but a lot of wet weather in the winter, mid 30's to mid 40's I got some Shimano MT60 shoes that were supposed to have Goretex. They did ok in the rain, but did eventually get pretty wet. And I think they h ... Read More »

Synapse owners - how do you tighten your seatpost screw?

With the Synapse unique seatpost screw placement, I haven't been able to find a torque wrench that would allow me to tighten the screw to the "correct" tension. So I take I wild guess and try not to overtighten it... which most of the time results in an under tightening and a saddle that won't keep ... Read More »

SRAM RD B-screw gap adjustment

SRAM installation manual has a picture that suggests adjusting B-screw on SRAM rear derailleurs for 6 mm gap between the large cog and the upper jockey wheel. However, it is not immediately clear from the picture how exactly this gap is supposed to be measured. Is it the absolute gap between the co ... Read More »

Small stripped screw removal?

Stripped the small allen bolt that holds the chain watcher on a SRAM Red front derailleur. Would appreciate any advice/experience anyone has with removal. It's the very small bolt (2.5mm hex head) that threads through the chain watcher and into the front derailleur mounting bolt. Basically cannot ... Read More »

unbelievably stupid screw up

I'm sure many of you have a stupid mechanic screw-up story; here's my latest. Last week I had a front tire blew out on a fast turn. I nearly went down but lucked out. I noticed the sidewall was cut through the threads so I did not think the tire was safe. Ordered new tire (Conti GP 4000s). Tire ... Read More »

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