Tifosi Optics Czar Eyewear

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Tifosi's Czars are packed with great features for cycling. The full-frame design provides a snug fit and stays in place with rubber temples and...

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Pay czar will not go after $1.6B in exec pay

[I]For all his tough talk about excessive pay for bankers, the Obama administration's pay czar let the executives go without a fight. Kenneth Feinberg announced Friday that he would not try to recoup $1.6 billion in compensation given to top executives at bailed-out banks because he thought shami ... Read More »

Pay Czar

[url]http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090925/bs_nm/us_compensation_feinberg_4[/url] "Pay Czar"? How many Czars does OB have? I'm starting to agree with Senator Byrd this who czar business is getting out of hand. To much power with too little oversight.Read More »

Drug Czar.

Not much flap about the new drug czar's son have a criminal record for drugs? I mean after all, a kid going astray is no reflection on the character of a person or their ability to parent.Read More »

Ted Nugent - Obama's Drug Czar?

[url]http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Ted_Nugent_wants_to_be_Drug_0115.html[/url] [I]Call me, President Obama," writes Nugent. "Hippies, dope heads, corrupt politicos and various other human debris hate me, which makes me the perfect man for the job."[/I] :idea:Read More »

The Czar rocked my foice last night

Makes something like Guinness seem downright wimpy by comparison. Nice taste despite the high ABV...one is all you need though. [url]http://www.averybrewing.com/BigBeers/seasonal/czar[/url] Read More »

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