Tifosi Optics Jet Eyewear

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Tifosi's Tyrant Interchangeable Glasses deliver comfort and style with the convenience of interchangeable lenses. The Tifosi Tyrant Interchangeable Sunglasses are available in Matte Black with Clear Smoke and AC Red lenses.

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"insane rickety jet bike" is an apt title

[url=http://videos.komando.com/watch/3462/kims-picks-insane-rickety-jet-bike?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=notd&utm_content=2013-06-13-article_2-title]Watch "Insane rickety jet bike" @ Komando Video[/url]Read More »

HED Jet 6

I've been thinking about an aero set of wheels. Not for racing, just for long rides, some rolling hills etc. oh, and because I want some. After reading a lot of stuff I'm thinking of an Al/carbon hybrid wheel ala HED Jet or Mavic. In looking at a lot of wheels, the HED Jet line seems to represen ... Read More »

Shimano dura-ace c50 or HED jet 4 fr

Im looking to buy a set of race wheels and these are my two choices. Im deciding between these 2 because my I went to 2 bike shops and they offered me these 2, (both are 30% off). They are really similar wheels but I just want to know other peoples experience with either the dur ace c50 clinchers f ... Read More »

Hed Jet 7 Express wheels

I'm pretty excited about this new wheel to be released soon. Similar to the HED Jet 5 express but deeper. [IMG]http://cdn.mos.bikeradar.com/images/news/2012/09/13/1347529161279-1b30thbcqrt67-670-75.jpg[/IMG] It was at Interbike. Did anyone catch (from the show or otherwise) what the anticip ... Read More »

HE'D Jet Express 5

Does anyone have any experience with the Jet 5? Thinking about them, but wondering about them as they use 'lower end' hubs and spokes than the Jet 4/6. Still thinking about another wheelsetwww to compliment my FC303's when the weather turns nasty. Thank you in advance.Read More »

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