Tifosi Optics Torrent Eyewear

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Tifosi Torrent - Gloss Wood with Clear, Brown, and AC Red Lenses

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I found a great torrent this weekend.

All 23 AC/DC Albums. 320kps quality! Now imported into my iTunes. [url]http://www.torrentportal.com/details/3119502/ACDC+-+complete+collection+-+23+albums.torrent[/url]Read More »

Puma Torrent + 1plea for mercy

My amazingly awesome sister called me last night. She called to let me know she bought me 4 pair of Pumas! [SIZE="1"]sorry no pixxors, yet[/SIZE] My sister rulez! = new Calphalon set to seal the deal bonus! Mercy plea to the powerz that be: [I][B]Please, please stop picking on innerge ... Read More »

Bit Torrent Question for all you geniuses out there

Hi all, I've recently started using Bit Torrent to download some cool cycling videos to watch on my laptop on the rollers. So far I just finished downloading Legends of the Tour De France but upon opening it all I get is a really nice audio feed of what would be on the movie. It is a .avi so I'm ... Read More »

Torrent download for stages?

Some kind soul was nice enough to provide torrent seeds for stages of this year's TDF on the net.. I am wondering if the same is being done for other races like the vuelta or giro?Read More »

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