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Uvex Flash Eyewear

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MSRP : $17.09

Product Description

The Flash features a sleek and simple design. The wide lens provides great peripheral vision while still ensuring maximum wind and debris protection. 100% UV Protection Decentered lens technology insures distortion free vision Earpiec...

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Geeks - wtf happened with Chrome and Flash today??

Flash stopped working today in Chrome on both my Win7 and Win8 computers. It's not the usual problem of conflicting versions. I'm only showing one. It's worse on the Win7 one because it totally crashes Chrome. Anybody else?Read More »

Components Flash Sale - Up To 50% Off Shimano, Campagnolo. SRAM & More

Components Flash Sale - Up To 50% Off Shimano, Campagnolo. SRAM & More [url=http://www.probikekit.co.uk/home.dept]Pro Cycling Kits and Equipment | ProBikeKit UK[/url]Read More »

"Flash Boys" and my Amazon experience

Wanted to buy the Kindle version. Since I live in Canada I registered on the Amazon.ca site, and look for the book. It's listed there with a price, but when you click on it the price disappears and there's no linky to buy, and no explanation. So I look on the UK site and there it is, with a p ... Read More »

flash wheelsets

20 percent off all wheels online, one day only at performance. good chance to pick up that set you need and when you speak of me, speak well (rep if you pull trigger on a nice set, share the wealth....)Read More »

Now we can flash our headlights with impunity!

I didn't know this was such a big deal, but at least for the ACLU it is. People shouldn't speed in the first place, but then again people shouldn't be doing a lot of things they already do. [url=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/05/flashing-headlights-speed-traps_n_4732443.html?ncid=edlinkusa ... Read More »

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