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Uvex Hawk Eyewear

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MSRP : $80.00

Product Description

Uvex Hawk has an aggressive, sculpted style that effectively bridges multi-sport function and fashion. A great all-around sunglass. 2 additional lens options adapt to a wide variety of light conditions. The curved eyepiece shields ambient light, direct frame ventilation improves fog free vision.

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Warning: Hawk Hill Accident Easy Since They Redid Road

Trying to spread the word. They repaved hawk hill. I crashed there and know of at least one other biker who had the same accident. Coming down hawk hill they redid the road but it is not flush with the shoulder. Worse, they painted the fog line right where the disparity is. It is a hard difference. ... Read More »

If you or any one you know has crashed west bound on Conzelman (Hawk Hill)

I met yet another rider who crashed hard on the west bound descent from Hawk Hill. This guy told me the same thing that several other's have said. He went down because of the slippery white lettering on the road (just before the cross walk). I wrote the the Park Service and they responded. The ... Read More »

Blackbird hitches a ride on a red-tailed hawk

Saw this short article of yahoo. Didn't know some birds are as smart as humans. [url=http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/nature/post/blackbird-hitches-a-ride-atop-a-red-tailed-hawk/]Blackbird hitches a ride on a red-tailed hawk[/url]Read More »

ROL racing SL vs Hawk Talon SF12

Want to change out my stock wheels on my Tarmac. stuck between the ROL SLs and the Hawk Racing SF12, suddenly a big fan of Hawk having replaced my BB with a Hawk and cant believe the increase speed on bridge/hill climbs. Reside in Florida, mostly flat rides with coastal winds 8-15knts, so any advan ... Read More »

Hawk Hill Movie, Any Road Closures?

Any idea if there are going to be road closures while they're filming the Woody Allen movie on Hawk Hill? We saw them setting up this afternoon but we didn't think to ask about road closures.Read More »

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