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WileyX Blink Double injected rubber temple tips combined with our Facial Cavity Seal make this an incredibly comfortable sunglass for various wind sports. Our proprietary multi-coat mirrors with two tone Aluminum Gloss frame make this a pure winner just on looks alone. Add the functional Climate Control System and you have functional specs that stand above the rest. Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity Standards. Fits Faces: M Includes the following Removable Facial Cavity Seal (555G) Soft Case

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Is it legal to blink red and blue?

I picked up a blue bar style blinky for my commuter when I was in England this month, and as I was mounting it on my new-old winter commuter (A shout out to the guys at Lawrence Re-cyclery! Thanks Guys!), I realized I would be blinkin red and blue (helmet clip is red blinky). SO.. Is it legal to bli ... Read More »

So I apparently don't blink all the way. And some Minolta news.

When I went to the optomitrist she told me that I had scar tissue in my eyes. She dropped some kind of dye in to my eyes (it looked like bright yellow hi-liter liquid) and looked in to my eyes with her light. Apparently the dye told her that the scar tissue is still active (it wasn't old tissue). ... Read More »

Red blinkie lights - time to re-think the blink?

I'm on a randonneuring email thread that's been discussing a fatality at a recent brevet in Texas. One issue is whether the flashing of the red lights we all use on our bikes at night is good or bad. I've tended toward the position that the increased visibility of a flashing light outweighed any s ... Read More »

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