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WileyX BRICK Largest frame in the CC Series and probably the most versatile frame for boating / fishing ever invented. T-Peg docking system adds an elastic strap to every model and the multi-layer Facial Cavity Seal blocks wind, debris, and annoying glare. So when youve got the motor cranked open, you dont have to worry about losing your shades while youre passing the competition. The first one to the watering hole wins. Fits Faces: M - L Includes the following Removable Facial Cavity Seal (855G

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German Brick cheese

Tried some today from a local cheese producer. All's I can say is if there is an enemy or ex-wife you hate, hide a chunk of this on their furnace intake or the exhaust of their car, my god is it pungent. If I had the choice between sniffing the rear end of a goat or a chunk of this cheese, it's goa ... Read More »

British Writer Samantha Brick: "I'm so beautiful, women HATE me. It's a curse!"

Confidence is awesome. Delusion, maybe not so much. She's a '6' in my book, a '7' with perfect lighting and make-up... and even if she was a 9 or 10, trumpeting how awesomely hot you think you are is kinda inherently un-hot. :( Visit MSNBC for news, world news, and news about the economyRead More »

I don't really like Brick Tamland being naked.

I mean, it's great in certain contexts, but as a general way of life? No thank you. Brick Tamland walking around naked just doesn't feel right. As in he walks all weird. I don't want him to sit on anything. And for the love of all that is holy, I do not want to see him naked. We're gonna have to put ... Read More »

Welcome to 2003, Brick Tamland.

LCD Soundsystem. Is it disco? Punk? 80's synthpop? All of the above? I don't know, but I friggin love it. Apparently, they already broke up.Read More »

Brick Tamland Appreciation Thread

Damn locked threads. Your youtube mix was one of the funniest things I've ever seen here. Well done, amigo.Read More »

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