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Answer Stylus Gloves

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Gloves Bleeding Dye

Anyone else had problems with leather gloves bleeding dye and staining their hands and bar tape. After a rainy race last night I'm wondering if this is a unique problem for me or more widespread. I actually was able to wring dye out of my gloves following the race and had dye running off my bar t ... Read More »

Gore Lobster Gloves - Anyone Have a pair?

If you have or have had a pair can you please give me you opinion? [url=,default,pd.html?cm_mmc=Google-_-Gore%20US%20GS%20PLA-_-All%20Products-_-Feed%20US]Men's ROAD WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell Lobster G ... Read More »

Cool weather gloves

I am in need of some cool weather gloves. I already have the cold weather gloves, which I wore the other day when it was 48 out. After ten minutes, the gloves got too hot. Any ideas are appreciated. There are so many available online it is hard to narrow down the good ones.Read More »

Fall and Winter Cycling Gloves

New rider - This is my first season riding in colder weather. I was looking to purchase some fall/early winter gloves as well as some colder tempurature gloves down to 20 degrees F. I tried on the Gore Mistral and found that they didn't feel as though they had a totally comfortable liner in them. ... Read More »

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