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Assos EarlyWinter 851 Gloves

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MSRP : $177.95

Product Description

The earlyWinter 851 can be worn as a standalone piece, or you can use it along with Assos' innerGlove and/or their lobsterShell 851 to add increased insulation as the weather conditions require. The earlyWinter 851 is a low-volume glove that won't disrupt your ability to nuance your Ergopower or STI levers, and it's designed specifically to contour the shape of your hand when it's curved to grip your handlebars. The palm and fingers aren't flat and straight like you're accustomed to seeing on other gloves. The palm is made from a stretchy, wind-resistant, but highly breathable fabric so you won't get the hand sweats beneath the glove. Likewise, the palm is built with "road shock absorbing inlets" made from a low-volume gel to absorb road shock, and then treated with a silicone pattern to maximize grip.The airBlock 851 material on the top side of the glove functions identically to what you get with 851 in Assos' tights and jackets: An extraordinary density that acts like a shield to keep cold wind from seeping inside the glove. It isn't bulky, and it has none of the thickness you might expect. Rather, by preventing the entry of cold air there's no need to beef up the glove with added layers of thermal insulation. The earlyWinter 851 is available in 6 colors, in sizes X-Small-XLG.

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