Campagnolo Challenge Gloves

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Campagnolo''s Challenge Gloves feature extra gel padding in the palms to dampen shocks and give you a luxuriously cushy feel.

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Want to trade - my Challenge Grifo tubular tires for Clement PDX tubular tires

I would like to trade my pair of Challenge Grifo tubular tires for a pair of Clement PDX tubular tires. Mine are in great shape, used for races one season - with great tread and no punctures. I am looking for mud specific tires that are in similar condition.Read More »

NBC Sports coverage of the USA Pro Challenge ended in failure

After watching all the stages, the idiots at NBC decided to change the broadcast channel in the middle of the last stage! So, after a week of watching, I missed the last half of the final stage. What kind of f*cking morons would come up with that maneuver? Pretty hard to believe. Yes, I record a ... Read More »

Everest Challenge stage race

Who's doing it this year? It's a two day stage race in the eastern Sierras (California) at the end of September. 30,000' of climbing. Five HC climbs plus one "easy" cat 1. If you like big mountains, this is the race. Or ride- there is also a non-racer "tourist" division though anyone who fi ... Read More »

A proposal: Merge the Tour of Utah and US Pro Challenge

Listening to the deserved complaints about TV coverage and NBC's reluctance to put money into bettering technical aspects of the show, I'm proposing the merger between two, IMO, competing tours (despite them being two/three weeks apart). Make the new race 10-14 days long. 1) It allows more e ... Read More »

ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: Throwing cold water on it

CINCINNATI -- The Archdiocese of Cincinnati says it understands motivations for Catholics to participate in the "ice-bucket challenge" benefiting ALS research spreading across social media. The problem, the diocese states, is the organization benefiting from all the attention funds scientific r ... Read More »

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