Campagnolo Racing Gloves

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Feel free to use one of your Campagnolo Racing Gloves to challenge an opponent to a time trial duel. After delivering a sharp slap to his face, be sure to pick it up and put it on because this Textran glove offers waterproof, windproof protection as it helps you maintain dexterity throughout your race. Contoured gel padding in the palm adds comfort, and its form-fitting design stays true to your anatomy even as you wave from the winner's podium.

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If you could only have one tubular glued up for a full season racing...

I know that I have seen these discussions online before, but I am having trouble finding them or a summary of the results. The backstory to why I am asking: I only have one set of tubular wheels and I have Vittoria Cross Evo glued up. (These are the standard Griffo tread pattern). I raced in t ... Read More »

Aero or light wheelset for dry/grass/hard pack CX racing

Hello fellow members, Quick question here, didn't find my answer within the forums. Currently looking to purchase or build a racing wheel set for the remaining CX season. Racing in SoCal so our CX courses aren't very wet at all. Most are dry, hard pack, lots of grass, little sand I want to ... Read More »

Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate Vs. Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR

Hey there, I've narrowed down my choice of tubular racing wheels to two: CCU's and RS XRL's. Would be great if you could let me know of your experiences with either or both of these wheels. Here are the basic differences between them CCU's are like lightweights with their carbon spokes, ma ... Read More »

2007 Fulcrum Racing 1 Sram/Shimano 11 speed possible?

Hi. I am wondering if anyone knows if can run 11 speed Sram/Shimano on my 2007 Fulcrum Racing 1 ? As far as I understand if it works I would need a new freehub body? Thanks, TorRead More »

Best tire for racing CX

I built up a crux for this upcoming season and thinking I might need some new tires. The ones I currently have a pretty worn down. Whats the best tire to have for CX racing. I will be doing my racing in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Standard tire, nothing special on the bike right now.Read More »

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