DeFeet Dura Gloves

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Product Description

Defeet Duragloves are engineered to be the finest lightweight knit glove for cool weather warmth and all-season protection. Multi-season, multi-use application for road riding, mtn. bike riding, running, hiking, and other outdoor sports ...

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Ultegra di2 or Dura di2

Hi, i am planning new bike and don't know what groupset to buy. Is Dura worth the extra money? What are differences except weight savings?Read More »

Dura-Ace 9100 12 Speed

Interesting article (in French) at: [url=]Shimano Dura Ace 12 vitesses 9100 en test à la - Matos vélo[/url] Looks like you only need a new chain ... Read More »

DURA Ace Di2 9070

Hello, is the price an the shop ok , or is it a fake [ATTACH=CONFIG]300921[/ATTACH]Read More »

Dura Ace 10 spd and 11 spd rear cog capacity?

I've tried to find this info, but seem to be missing it. I have two bikes, one a couple years old Dura Ace 10 spd, currently running 11-28 without issues. The other new bike with DA 9000 11 spd, and 12-28. I'd like to increase the size of the rear cog to assist my climbing in steep areas I freque ... Read More »

Dura Ace 9000 FD Help

Cross posted from Shimano Forum as it seems nobody looks there and this may be more appropriate. Switching from 105 to 9000 and having what seem like some small issues. I cannot seem to engage the limit screws (low) to move the derailleur in to prevent rubbing on small chain ring (even when tri ... Read More »

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