DeMarchi Contour Insulator Gloves

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Product Description

Just as layering is essential to keeping your core temperature stable, it's also vital to ensure your hands stay regulated on long, cold rides. The De Marchi Contour Insulator Glove is designed to pull double-duty as a shell liner, or as a simple Roubaix-style glove for those mild spring days.The gloves are made from Thermolite Roubaix, which is the next evolution of the superlative Italian Super Roubaix fabric -- only this time, Thermolite Roubaix remains exclusive to De Marchi. The core of this toasty fleece-backed fabric is made from hollow Thermolite fibers, which reduce the fabric's overall weight while enhancing its thermal capacity. The faces of the fabric are then treated with a protective Teflon application which helps better shield you from wet spray or mud stains. This gives the glove a superb, ergonomic fit while maximizing warmth and dexterity in foul weather. More important though, is how the glove's warm, low-profile nature allows it to serve as a liner, sliding beneath a weatherproof shell glove for complete insulation and protection.The De Marchi Contour Insulator Glove comes in black, and is offered in four unisex sizes: Small through X-Large.

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