Endura Singletrack Gloves

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Bomb through a pristine aspen glen with the Endura Singletrack Cycling Glove comfortably padding your palms. A soft terry section wipes sweat off your brow, stretchy mesh breathes and conforms to your skin, and silicone grips give you a solid feel of your handlebars.

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Road / Singletrack tire?

I am looking for a road / mile singletrack tire for my fixed gear bike. I'd ride on-road probably 80-90% of the time, but with some mild singletrack mixed in. I was looking at Small Block 8's in 700x32. How do these fair on and off road? Any other suggestions? Thanks. (Bike is a Surly Stea ... Read More »

singletrack orientated cross bike?

[url]http://vimeo.com/11695455[/url] After seeing some videos like these a cross bike looks a really good option as the most versatile type of bike, however clips like these mostly display the skill level of phenomenal riders. Away from the rider, amongst the many different variations of cross bi ... Read More »

Question re cx and singletrack

I really like riding my spec crux on singletrack, but I got to thinking are the bikes made for that kind of riding? In other words, can it take the abuse of singletrack? I know folks mostly ride cx in races with mixed terrain. My immediate reaction would be yes it can hold up, considering I used to ... Read More »

Tips- braking on singletrack

Got my first cross bike and am having a blast, but one thing I am having trouble with is braking while riding singletrack. I am used to my fs mtb with hydraulic brakes, the stopping power is faster and more powerful. With the cross bike, the braking is slower and not as powerful. So, wondering if an ... Read More »

Which bike for singletrack?

I think I'd like to get a cross bike for dirt road and singletrack use. No racing but I would be using it for the same trails that me and most others are doing on 5" travel FS bikes. Something like a Cross Check seems to have what I'm after (steel frame whith provisions to add racks for an occas ... Read More »

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