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Grand Mesa Loop?

I'd like to do a loop that includes Grand Mesa next weekend. I've mapped one out here: [url=]GM Loop - A bike ride in Cedaredge, CO[/url] Anyone know if Surface Creek Rd. is paved? How about Lakeshore Dr. and Baron Lake Dr.? The reason I ask is that I' ... Read More »

PHX area riders, Mesa specific!

Heading out to Mesa, taking my road bike, to visit my sis for Christmas . She rides a road bike and want to take me on the Bush Hwy to Usery Pass Rd and back to her house. I am not sure of the mileage but I would think somewhere around 30-40 approx. which is great for a bro/sister ride. I was ... Read More »

El Tour de Mesa

Anyone do this event today? I passed on it this year but I'm wondering how it was out there, given today's very windy conditions. Beeline Highway must have been ugly.Read More »

Phoenix/Mesa Training Camp

Hey guys, Im planning a week long training camp in the Phoenix area. What part of the metro area is the best place to be based out of? Looking for 7 days worth of 50-100 mile days. Probably coming in through Phoenix Mesa Gateway. ThanksRead More »

Mesa Rental

Hey guys, Does anyone have a 52cm roadie they'd be willing to rent for 3 days. Im going to be visiting the wife's Gma this Friday, Sat and Sun and would love to get in a few good days of riding. I don't want to spend a ton.Read More »

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