Giordana Alpine Gloves

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Windtex back with a reinforced Roubaix palm. A terrycloth patch on the back with a Velcro closure.

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I got 2 new bikes today at my local thrift store - a ALPINE 10 Z SERIES, and a CENTURION ACCORD RS. I've found a little about the Centurion, but only 1 reference to the Z series; and it was on flicker - and had been deleted or moved! Can anyone tell me about these - especially the Z Series? It sa ... Read More »

Restoration; Cannondale Alpine...

Anyone interested following resto of a Cannondale? I used to be an avid rider, but had a nasty wrinkle-up with a drinker 7 years ago (I was in a car). He's toast, and I limp, with one leg a tad shorter now - so if I 'walk' too fast, I go in a circle (some said I only had one oar in the water BEF ... Read More »

Anybody want do Tam/Alpine Dam route?

Hey San Francisco cyclists: Visiting the City to visit my family this weekend. Renting a bike....Allez Sport. Anyways, want to get in about 35-50 miles with at least 4000' of climbing this Sunday. I will be riding from St. Francis Woods area. Maybe starting between 7:30/8:00? Would anyone else ... Read More »

Alpine Loop Tire Selection

Forum for discussing tire selection for the Alpine Loop route in the Alpine Loop Gran Fondo, Harrisonburg, Virginia. What are you considering? What's worked (or didn't work) for you in the past? [url=]The Alpine Loop Gran Fondo[/url]Read More »

Alta Alpine 8

I just signed up for the Alta Alpine 8 pass challenge as the final peg in the CA Triple Crown Stage Race. I've done the Death Ride, of course, but looking for recaps of AA8 to prepare.. doesn't look like my go-to for writeups, [URL=""]Dan[/URL], has done this one! :) ... Read More »

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