Giordana TriSeason Glove Gloves

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Product Description

Giordana has designed its Tri-Season Winter Gloves to do just what the name implies: be suitable for use in three seasons out of the year. Intentionally versatile, this Giordana model has been made to be effective, though not overwhelming, in a variety of temperature conditions. The back of the hand has the same attention to wind protection as their Nordic Gloves, but it has been given an Amara faux leather palm to keep them even more breathable. Amara leather is noted also for its durability and longevity, which means that these gloves will be able to take a serious beating, whether you are continually wiping you tires for glass on your in-town rides, or you find yourself hitting the pavement after sliding out on some ice: these palms will withstand the wear and tear. To keep them comfortable, gel padding has been included at the most important pressure points, so if you take these on your Spring trip to ride some of the Tour of Flanders roads, they'll deflect some of that incessant vibration jarring you to death, especially your hands. Silicone grippers will keep your fingers? dexterity at an acceptable level. Velcro fasteners at the wrist will hold these gloves snugly in place and close off the wrists as a cold weather entry point. Reflective elements have been included to keep you visible during the times of low level lighting. The Giordana Tri-Season Winter Gloves are available in Black and come in sizes Small through X-Large.

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