Giordana Versa Gloves

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If you're not entirely sold on wearing gloves for long, hot rides, but still find your hands and wrists getting punished on rougher roads, you might want to check out the Giordana Versa Glove. This clean, Italian-constructed glove features a lower density EVA padding to dampen road chatter without compromising your tactile feel on the bars. Its low-profile Lycra/Amira leather construction serves as an elegant and classic solution that won't constantly remind you that you're wearing gloves. The synthetic leather palm contains three separate padded zones: there's one for your thumb, one for your fingers, and one for the heel of your hand. The reason for keeping these separate is twofold -- firstly, your hands are allowed a better contact patch across the bars. And second, a triangular mesh insert in the palm ties all three of the zones together to maximize ventilation, while wicking excess moisture to prevent sweat from pooling against your palms. Two of the sectors are also covered with a gently abrasive material that digs into your bar tape for excellent grip.The glove back is an elastic nylon/spandex blend, while the thumb is covered with a synthetic terry cloth for wiping your nose. The glove is secured below the wrist with a hook-and-loop strap. A simple pull-tab at the base of the wrist aids in pulling the glove on. The Giordana Strada Gel Gloves come in Black/white, Blue/white, and Red/white. Sizes run from Small through X-Large.

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