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Giro Pivot Gloves

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MSRP : $69.95

Product Description

From leaping over barriers to braving frozen city traffic, the Giro Pivot Glove offers warmth without sacrificing dexterity.

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Upper Pivot Bolt

I have a Record 11 rear derailleur without an upper pivot bolt (probably 2011 or 2012). Does anyone know if the upper cage is the same among 10/11s derailleurs (I know the bolts are not all the same, but I'm thinking of getting a used derailleur from Ebay and replacing all the pivot parts)?Read More »

Brake Caliper Pivot Bolt Replacement

During my cheap steel commuter project (which is still going), I ran into a problem with mounting the front brake caliper. Specifically that the fork crown wasn't drilled to receive a recessed nut. There were two obvious solutions to this, either drill out the rear of the fork to 8mm to accept the b ... Read More »

'84 Trek 620 Brake Pivot Boss Size and Modern Brake Fit

Hi all, I've been upgrading my '84 Trek 620 over the past several months. Currently have new Velocity wheels, Shimano 105 brifters, Ultegra derailleurs. However, I haven't yet upgraded the brakes. But that is about to change as my frustration has reached its limit with trying to adjust the old dia ... Read More »

Rode the new Pivot Vault at a Demo Day- its really good

While I was there mostly to test a few mountain bikes, I noticed the new Pivot Vault disc cross bike in my size just sitting there waiting for someone to ride it. The large size fit well enough to ride without significant adjustments. I rode it on the road, in cross conditions (grass/dirt) and ... Read More »

Ultegra brake pivot bearing... what say you?

I had some grit get into the pivot thrust bearing (It.7) causing the caliper to stick. After overhaul and putting the caliper back together.... grease or no grease on the bearing? What say you? [IMG]http://www3.big.or.jp/~number-1/Image.ShimanoBR6500RP.gif[/IMG]Read More »

Read More »



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