Gore Bike Wear Mistral Gloves

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The Mistral is a strong, cold, dry, northerly wind of Southern France. Strong, northerly, dry, and cold come to mind with the Gore Bike Wear Mistral glove. You use it in the cool or cold weather, like that of the north. The glove is durable and at its best in dry conditions.We see this as a spring/fall glove, though it could work great in cold conditions if you're racing or climbing. The reason we see the glove this way is that the glove is made from Windstopper Soft Shell, which means windproof, highly water-resistant, breathable, and with a little loft for insulation. The glove is thin -- thin enough that it could be used as a liner at times, though the foam padding on the palms, present, but not huge, might get in the way on some gloves. And the silicone lines on the fingers grip fine, but might also slow down inserting the glove into a larger glove.The glove is long in the cuff. Nice for when you want to tuck your sleeves under the glove to keep the wind from getting under your jersey or jacket sleeves. The Gore Bike Wear Mistral gloves are black, and available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

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Holdsworth Mistral restoration w/ DT shifters...I think I just became a fan.

I have always wanted a Holdsworth Proffesional. Finding the right one has proven to be challenging. So I got my hands on this Holdsworth Mistral, a 1982 in Spruce Green Pearl. [IMG]http://i1187.photobucket.com/albums/z390/ride4life8/IMG_0678.jpg[/IMG] As it was just a frameset I was considerin ... Read More »

Late 80's sun mistral rims? dented mine

Howdy--I was riding my girlfriend's cannondale last night and hit a recessed manhole cover and BAM, bumpbumpbumpbump went the rear wheel. It's totally rideable but annoying, and while she might not notice it, it's driving me nuts. Any ideas where I can get hold of a matching rim? I think I'll be a ... Read More »

Looking for late 80's, early 90's Sun Mistral Rim

Howdy--I put a flat spot in the rear rim of my girlfriend's 1989 cannondale r600 yesterday, to my great disappointment. I know how to build wheels (well, i've built one!) and would really like to find a rim that will match the front rim. Read More »

3T Mistral Aero Bar - When?

When will the new 3T Mistral Aero Bar be available? Does anyone know where I can find it? How much is it? Thanks!Read More »

Sun Mistral tubular rims

Does anyone know anything about these rims on my track bike? They came on the bike, just looking for a little info on them, how they were rated in their day, and so forth. I'm going to build up a set of clinchers for it and am wondering if I should just retire these rims or keep using them, this wil ... Read More »

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