Gore Bike Wear Oxygen Gloves

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Gore Oxygen Gloves: Road gloves for the long distance rider. Combine high-end gel-pads and ventilating materials for best shock absorbtion, fit and climate comfort.

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Instant oxygen before attacking a climb?

[url=http://www.techwench.com/scientists-invent-oxygen-particle-that-if-injected-allows-you-to-live-without-breathing/]Scientists Invent Oxygen Particle That If Injected, Allows You To Live Without Breathing | TechWench.com[/url] just radio the team car to have the needle ready, oh yeahRead More »

Sports oxygen, marketing hype or real?

I didn't post this in the doping forum, as it's not a product intended for pro cyclists. I got an email promoting a small canister of "Sports Oxygen", which is exactly what it says - oxygen. The claims are that this can help one feel less fatigued after (or during) hard efforts, such as a long cli ... Read More »

oxygen in a can...?

Neuvation is selling these: [url=http://www.neuvationcycling.com/product/sports-oxygen-oxygen-in-a-can-1600.htm]Sports Oxygen Oxygen In A Can - www.neuvationcycling.com[/url] Begging the question... does this work? How would a bike racer make use of it? Carry in a jersey pocket?Read More »

Bring your oxygen tanks.

2014 CX Nats to Boulder. What a great facility to have the race. Expect huge crowds and lots of good beer.Read More »

Oxygen for sale...

Are you kidding me? I just saw an ad for "pure oxygen" 95% oxygen, the "legal, safe performance enhancer." Anyone try this? Could this be bad for you? I mean other than you spending money on some worthless crap?Read More »

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