Hincapie Sportswear Black Ice Gloves

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Winter has rolled in and you still just can't stay off the bike. You better get some serious protection so you can proudly display all 10 fingers this April. Hincapie designed the Men's Black Ice Glove to get you through the harshest winter conditions with all of your precious phalanges completely intact; well, the ones at the ends of your arms, anyway.

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black ice

yesterday I dropped my truck off for the new headlight bucket to replace the one bambi busted and this afternoon when it was done, I jumped on my ss to go get it (a couple of miles.) It was 27 degrees and i was cruising down my road when i saw a "puddle"....no reason to take evasive action...I have ... Read More »

Oakley preference Ice or black iridium polarized

What do you all think? Do you have an opinion about these?Read More »

I'm tired of black ice

My commute takes me from Portland where I live to Beaverton where I work. In the last month or so the streets in Beaverton have been covered with black ice. I got off the bike and was walking it this morning when another cyclist passed me. I warned him about the ice and especially the corner he w ... Read More »

Black ice.

I tried to commute to work yesterday for the 1st time in a couple of weeks. It's been single digits & 2+ feet of snow for the past 10-12 days. Anyhow, I started out in temps around 20F. Everything was fine, until I hit a piece of black ice about 2 blocks from home. Both wheels slid out from under me ... Read More »

Black ice ouch!

This time of year I have my hybrid with studs or the fixed with regular 23 mms to get to work on. This morning was clear and only -1°C so I figured it would be ok as it had only rained early in the morning the day before. How wrong was I! There's a little rise on my way to work that just slows me ... Read More »

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