Louis Garneau Super Prestige Gloves

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Louis Garneau Super Prestige Glove. When temperatures plummet, this race designed glove converts to a lobster claw for added protection.

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'86 Super Prestige...

Thinking about a 2011 Scott R2 with Ultegra. To justify I'd have to part with my vintage '86 De Rosa Super Prestige (with about 5k miles and Shimano) or my wife. Feel free to comment...Read More »

A Tommasini Super Prestige project

First of all, I didn't need another bicycle project. Then my kids noticed an ad on the local CL two days ago and this is the result. A fetching late 80s Super Prestige! I was wondering if I could ask for a little help from the forum and id the Campy pieces? This is my second Tommasini an ... Read More »

De Rosa Super Prestige neo retro build

Hi, I just wanted to show you my build, it is a De Rosa Super Prestige I found in my friends garage and for which he gladly accepted a Polar Watch. I instantly fell in love with it and decided to invest a little money to bring it back to life. Sorry guys if I didnt build it with vintage parts, ... Read More »

1980s super prestige

So i'm passing on the colnago super I found but the same guy has a 1980s super prestige with full campy in near perfect condition. This bike was in a collectors stable so not ridden much if at all since he acquired it. Are there many of these out there? Whats a ballpark range these go for? I lov ... Read More »

Super Prestige Finish..

If Nys had've held his line Pawels would've gotten him for sure.. He went all the way from the right to the left.. I guess in cross they don't watch for that type stuff?Read More »

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