Nalini Lampre Gloves

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Horner to Lampre

[url=]Horner linked to Lampre-Merida for 2014 -[/url]Read More »

Lampre-Meridia Bikes stolen

100 bikes, worth about $10,000 each. Coming to Craigslist soon. [url=]Tour de France Team Loses $1 Million Worth of Bikes in Burglary - Bloomberg[/url]Read More »

LAMPRE drops Wilier for Merida (of Taiwan & China))

[url=]ITALIAN CYCLING JOURNAL: Team Lampre: Goodbye to Wilier, Hello to Merida[/url]Read More »

Red skinsuit guy and Lampre guy, meet your German friend

Was at a 12 hour race here in Germany this weekend. Immediately thought of the Lampre guy. Best part of this is he was working the ladies at the time. [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

Lampre-ISD kit for 2012 modelled by style icon Ale-Jet Himself: [IMG][/IMG]Read More »

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