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Zackees - Bike gloves with built-in LED turn signals

Check out these bike gloves with built-in LED turn signals. What started out as a fashion statement turns into cycling safety wear to help you be seen.   Read More »

New Prologo Saddles and Gloves

Italy-based Prologo is using a special polymer in its latest saddles and gloves that it claims improves grip, dampens vibration, and is highly durable. Watch this video to learn more.   Read More »

Quick Take: Capo Thermo Roubaix LF Gloves

Why you want: You ride year round and you’d like to avoid frostbitten digits. Pros: Long fingered coverage with Thermo Roubaix fabric featuring hollow core microfiber that traps air, effectively insulating your fingers without having to resort to thicker heavier materials. Silicone palm grip wit ...    Read More »

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Gloves make hands numb?

Does anyone have this problem? After about 30-40 min riding my hands go numb from gloves (swelling in fingers) what are some suggestions for gloves that have more "give" in them to help prevent this? I have tried a larger size and they just feel bad as they are just too big in areas not prone to s ... Read More »

Best BarTape for "No Gloves" & Double Wrapping Question?

Hello everyone. Since I changed my saddle into black, it is time to buy black handlebar tape to match the color. Now I have fizik leatherish tape with gel padding under it. I am quite happy with the comfort and it is not so bad in grip when it's wet. Since I hate riding with gloves, I want ... Read More »

Gloves and numb hands

Just started riding a road bike recently after a year on a comfort hybrid, (before that, no riding for about 35 years). Problem is, with both bikes, I've had issues with my hands going numb. Im using Specialized gloves, with gel padded palms...they were about 40.00 bucks. Is there a better glove out ... Read More »

sub 30 degree gloves

what are you guys wearing in sub 30 deg weather? I'm looking for a pair of warm gloves that I can wear in the 20's.Read More »

Craft Siberian gloves $9.99 at Performance

Cyber Monday extended 1 day and free shipping over $50. This is a good deal for some I'm thinking.... [url]http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10052&langId=-1&categoryId=1745517&facet=mfName_ntk_cs%253ACraft&metaData=&pageSize=&orderBy=&searchTerm=#ReviewH ... Read More »

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