Primal Wear Titan Gloves

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Primal Wear's Titan Gloves sport breathable back panels with secure hook-and-loop wrist closures for a comfortable fit. And, Primal's synthetic...

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I need a pair of road pedals on my bike. What do u think about the TIME ICLIC TITAN CARBON CARBOFLEX ROAD PEDALS ? Thanks..... [h=1][/h]Read More »

TITAN PRODUCTS - Custom Titanium Frames

Just received mine and am very happy with it ... :thumbsup: [ATTACH]263259[/ATTACH] I only have to build it now ... :rolleyes:Read More »

Chinese titanium - Beware Titan Product

This is a warning to all those thinking of buying a Chinese Titanium frame from Xi’an Titan Product. The following is my personal experience of buying a titanium frame. Unfortunately I seem to be one of those people who if you’ve heard of some crazy sh#* thing happening to someone and thought ‘its ... Read More »

Why Riders on Titan Road

Was there a race or tour today the utilized Titan Road in Littleton/Roxborough (Colorado)? Bunch of cyclists and police in the area.Read More »

New Forte Titan or Used Bontrager Race X Lite

Hi there! I'm looking to replace my front and I'm trying to choose between a new Titan Forte, which is the house-brand for performance bike, and a used 2005 Race X Lite. I think they're about the same weight (~750g). They're both $60. My main question is: What sort of life-span do wheels ha ... Read More »

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