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Time Ulteam Gloves

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Product Description

  • Cool mesh back for cooler hands
  • Clarino perforated palm with ergonomic pad
  • Neoprene cuff with adjustable fastening system
  • Absorbent foam on back of thumb

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Counterfeit Time RXRS Ulteam?

I fully realize that this is my first post here and that my profile is empty. I am looking at picking up a new frame and this one caught my eye but I am concerned that it may be counterfeit. If there is anyone out there that is familiar with these frames and can tell me if it is genuine or not, I ... Read More »

Notice: Beware of counterfeit TIME RXRS Ulteam

just a heads-up to fellow RBR members on numerous fakes being sold as genuine in the net, especially on eBay.. fakes are getting pretty sophisticated and quite a number of buyers are getting conned:mad:. on a side note, a good buddy of mine unknowingly bought a fake Colnago (typical seller's m ... Read More »

Time rxrs ulteam review

Here's a nice review on the TIME RXRS ULTEAM. [url]http://www.pezcyclingnews.com/?pg=fullstory&id=10294&status=True&catname=Latest+News[/url]Read More »

2011 RXRS TDF Edition Ulteam Stem

Hey Time, I don't see if anywhere in the pictures, but does the 2011 version of the RXRS TDF Module have a matching monolink stem available for it? Same finish as the bike and all that. You have any pictures of it anywhere?Read More »


What wheels would you do? New Bora's or Enve Smart 6.7s? Decisions, decisions...Read More »

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