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Trek Club Gloves

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This glove puts 8mm of damping foam, gel and neoprene right where you need it, and keeps it away from where you don't. Unique gel placement eliminates excess bulk when gripping the bar, giving you better control and a better grip.

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NNC Club Edition aka...

"D@mn, I'm slow." Met up with the local cycling club today for the first time. Well, I went to the meeting place. The club organizer was the only other person that showed. Nice guy. Didn't ride off and leave me like he easily could have but by the 3rd loop he was almost riding off and leaving me ... Read More »

Went to a club on a weeknight...

...to hear live music. Can't remember the last time that happened. The performer was our friend and neighbor Paul Guzzone, the location was the legendary [URL="http://turningpointcafe.com/"]Turning Point[/URL] (Piermont, NY) and the occasion was a release party for his new CD, 'Chasing the Moon'. ... Read More »

Local "club" leaders

Does anyone have a local club leader that they find annoying? I recently "joined" on one ride and found them to be a decent group of people but the facebook posts just drive me insane. Telling people they are "weak" for not going on rides, not showing up for certain events and so on. Anyone else ... Read More »

Upcoming events and news from R&B Bicycle Club

Hi All, Our next upcoming event is the Palomar Challenge. This event is scheduled for Saturday June 22nd and is based out of the Lake Henshaw resort. You have a choice of rides from 24 to 62 miles with fantastic scenery and enjoying some of the finest back roads in San Diego county. You will be ... Read More »

Bike Club Recommendations for Toronto ?

Hello, Just curious if anyone has any recommendations or reviews for bike clubs in Toronto? I'm looking for a balance between riding but also social, good people etc... While I am new to cycling, I'm not new to the sport as I've followed the pros for years. I'm also very athletic and at some poin ... Read More »

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