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Troy Lee Designs XC

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Questions on nex XC Build

When building up my road bike, REI shipped me a cx fork instead of a road fork. I was set to return it but decided to keep it for an eventual cx build, which is now. It's a 1-1/8" full carbon Shimano Pro, 45 rake, cantilever/v-brakes, and white detailing on sides. I don't really have a budget set ou ... Read More »

Dedicated trail/xc rider giving the road game a try

For the second time ( yeah I know) in 2 years I have decided to give road riding a try. I did a few solo rides on a friends bike and decided that it is something I think I could enjoy as much as trail riding. My first attempt included buying a 56cm Tarmac Sl2 and riding solo about 10 times before s ... Read More »

XC Race Mountain Bikes

Just as the name implies, the XC Race Series is all about going fast on dirt. Fast uphill, fast downhill, fast everywhere. Light, quick and responsive, these race worthy steeds will deliver you to the podium, or at least first back to the trailhead for bragging rights with your buddies. Available in ... Read More »

Shoes for CX/ XC

So I've finally got tired of trying to make my old shoes work through various alterations, like sewing the tongue to the side of the shoe so it won't fall don't and pinch my toes. Now a broken buckle (though it is replaceable, the buckles have always sucked). What are others using and liking? Toe ... Read More »

XC or CX (off-season rainy season training)

Advice needed. I'm looking at off-season training bikes for 30-40km rides. I live on a mountain.. I'm going down or up. In my scrambled brain the xc bike is to be off the road and going slow on more technical stuff thus less cold, then push it on the hills. For the CX bike.. I like the fatter tires ... Read More »

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