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Bern Watts Helmets

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Product Description

The Watts by Bern is a skate inspired helmet for the bike. The successor to the very popular Bern Baker helmet, Bern has added vents to keep your head cooler and safer. The new colors will also help you stand out. Available as a helmet with...

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What drives calorie burn - stress on body (e.g. heart rate) or output/watts?

Hey folks - this is likely a stupid question, but I didn't see it elsewhere on the forum so I figured it didn't hurt to ask... I understand that very roughly, you can equate 1 kJ or work done to 1 kcal burned. However, I always had the (probably wrong) assumption that the calories you burned was ... Read More »

PowerTap watts vs. TrainerRoad's "watts" FTP question

So I got a powertap and went outside for my first ride on it. But I was humbled by how little power I achieved compared to what I get using TrainerRoad. I always heard that outside riding usually saw an increase in power. But that wasn't the case for me. My outside ride gave me NP of 180 and I woul ... Read More »

Training for intuitive pacing (Blind watts exercise)

I did an exercise in my workout yesterday that helped me figure out what pushing a certain number of watts FEELS like, instead of depending on watching the numbers on my computer as I pedaled. It's to help me pace more intuitively in time trials and prologue events. The efforts were only 6 minute ... Read More »

strength to push 400 watts

How much strength is required to push 400w+ plus?Read More »

SRM Quarq 100 watts difference

Si I did a demo on a SL4 Tarmac today with a Quarq and I have the same bike with a SRM and for some reason I produced 100 more watts max 1162 vs 1350. Both are near new cond. I did a few more runs with my SRM and I did notice some play/BB bearing flex due to the Wheels MFG spacers. Could this be ... Read More »

Read More »



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