Bontrager Oracle Helmets

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Low profile. Massively ventilated. Exceptionally aerodynamic. Oracle is a pro-caliber road helmet for riders who won't settle for anything but the best. Featuring an in-molded carbon fiber skeleton that provides the superior structural integrity and load dispersal necessary to create the biggest possible vents in the lowest-profile design, Oracle uses internal channeling and CFD-optimized ventilation to maximize airflow efficiency through the helmet and over the head, for impressive levels of cooling and drag reduction.

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BMW Oracle Racing

I know this is the wrong forum but YOU racing guys need to see this: Keep in mind how huge this boat is... Look at how small the people are. If you dont say or think holy krap or bleep once while you are watching this UR DEAD... [url][/url] ... Read More »

Please advise NYC Road Bike Oracle....HELP!!!!!

I went into a local bike shop in 2007 and spent 400 dollars on a Trek hybird FX,an additional 200 on accessories and got started on the wrong foot. The bike was 56 CM I am 6 feet &3 inches tall andweighed 310 lbs I am now 275 lbs ,,,, The good news is that I did get started .A few months later ... Read More »

Road Bike Oracle

I went into a local bike shop in 2007 and spent 400 dollars on a Trek hybird FX and an additional 200 on accessories. The bike was 56 cm I am 6 foot 3 inches and was 310 lbs I am now 275 lbs ,,,, a few months later I found (Literally found ) a vintage 58 cm Motobecane Grand Touring bicycle. I to ... Read More »

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