Bontrager Specter Helmets

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Aimed at racers and performance enthusiasts, Specter borrows DNA from the pro peloton-leading Oracle to deliver outstanding fit, massive airflow, and quick, easy adjustability.

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Specter's Speech

Great quotes "Forty years ago, the President of the United States declared war on cancer. Had that war been pursued with the diligence of other wars, most forms of cancer might have been conquered." "By precluding other Senators from offering amendments, the majority leader protects his party c ... Read More »

Specter is GONE.....

lost in the primary.....DAYUM.... [url][/url] Discuss.....Read More »

Specter and the reality of our 2 party system.

You regulars know that I personally see little practical difference in the R's v the D's. Sure they spout differing propaganda, and they are each good at distracting their constituencies with bright shiny things like torture or abortion or teabags. But I look at policy outcomes and I see lit ... Read More »

McConnell: Specter's Switch A "Threat To The Country" (VIDEO)

[COLOR="White"].....[/COLOR] [URL=""]McConnell: Specter's Switch A "Threat To The Country" (VIDEO)[/URL]Read More »



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