Briko City Helmets

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Urban helmet for the use in the city.Realized with In-Mould technology,has a visor and in-mould bug net included.20 air vents to ensure good ventilationth.

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Cycling In The City

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All City Macho King

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Trusted bike fit in Oklahoma City area

I am looking for a trusted shop/person for a bike fit. I ride only once a week or so due to family and time. But when I do, I feel a bike fit would do wonders for numb hands, sore neck, etc. Can anyone recommend a shop/person that doesn't break the bank. I just want a more comfortable ride. O ... Read More »

Last day to register for Charm City Cyclocross on Sept. 20-21 in Baltimore

Today is the last day to register for Charm City Cyclocross on Sept. 20-21 in Baltimore. It is going to be amazing this year, it's the race's 10th anniversary. Register for both days, the course should be different each day: [url][/url] There will be some majorly cool f ... Read More »

Rent a bike in another city? Private rental for a week or two

Seems like I read in a magazine about the rising popularity of renting a nice, personally -owned bike in another city. I did some searching, found spinlister and go4bike, but didn't find any bikes that were both desirable and would fit me. Most of the bikes were clunkers; the few nice bikes were to ... Read More »

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