Cratoni Bullet Helmets

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Product Description

  • 23 Air Vents
  • Anatomic Fitting Size Adjustment System
  • Reflectors for better visibility in the dark
  • With optional insertable netpad

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A Magic Bullet for BB30 creak...anyone?

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][LEFT][LEFT][FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]Hello all.[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000] [/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000]I’ve read and researched ad nauseam for a remedy and not sure if there is anything left that I ... Read More »

Campagnolo Bullet Ultra 80mm Review

Just wanted to share my recent experience (roughly 500 miles worth) of riding on these wheels. Just a little background on the reviewer: I am 5' 10" and ~200 lbs (90kgs) with a background in track sprinting. Most of my weekday rides are <1hr and my weekends usually involve 40-50 mile rides. I lov ... Read More »

Bullet trains (engineering geeks step inside)

I came across this video tonight. It's about the engineering behind the bullet trains in Japan. I spent a few weeks traveling around Japan in 2011 and used them to get around the country, they are very cool. FYI it's long, 45 minutes, but worth the time. [url= ... Read More »

Music you dodged a bullet on...

[...donning asbestos suit...] Metal. Never liked it. Bluegrass. Martin Mull had it right, leave that fiddle-and-banjo crap for the gap-toothed hillbillies. Atonal/experimental jazz. It makes my ears hurt. Thankfully, it's seldom heard. "Denim" rock. Just about any combination of C, S, N, or ... Read More »

Campagnolo Bullet wheel stiffness

Just a few quick questions for those who own or have access to a Campagnolo Bullet 80 wheel set. How stiff are these wheels when encountering lateral loads (ie. climbing/sprinting)? Are these wheels made with aero spokes similar in dimension to Sapim CX-Rays? If anybody gets bored I would rea ... Read More »

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