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Giro Section Helmets

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MSRP : $55.00

Product Description

The Section takes the skate-style look to a higher level. All new from the ground up its low-profile shape is distinct yet minimal. And because of our in-mold construction process were able to integrate the shell saving lots of weight. The front of the helmet is optimized to work great with Giro sunglasses sold separately.Small 20 - 21.7551cm - 55cmMedium 21.75 - 23.2555cm - 59cmLarge 23.25 - 24.7559cm - 63cm

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Wide, Light, Box-section Rims?

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The real reason we have this whole section.

I have been riding for about 6 months (Supersix Apex). Truth be told if it weren't for Strava i may to be pushing as hard as I do, even though its only once a week. I really like trying to best not only my riding buddies but also myself. This and a chronic case of upgraditis has pushed me to the con ... Read More »

Affordable retro-looking box section clincher rims?

I have a pair of SR 36 wheels with old FIR tubular rims that are stress fracturing around the spoke holes. I had the thought if I built them up with a retro-looking clincher rim, I might take my Falcon out for more rides (can't really afford decent tubulars for it...) Watcha got?Read More »

request for the "Hot Deals" Section

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Mens Cycling section?

Ninety-nine percent of the forum is relevant to men and women, and most issues are covered there. But there are issues that are specific to the sexes. So if we're going to have a specific section for women, why not for men too. We certainly have our own topics of discussion. Cycling is not ... Read More »

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