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Kali Phenom Helmets

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Product Description

Kali Phenom Road Helmet Vanilla: The PHENOM? helmet is a new reference in road racing helmets. Featuring COMPOSITE FUSIONTM PLUS technology, this helmet?s foam combines the benefits of COMPOSITE FUSIONTM (EPS foam molded directly into the rigid helmet shell, eliminating gaps between shell and EPS) with a layer of pyramidal EPS cones within the cross-section of the EPS liner. Additionally, the PHENOM? helmet utilizes SUPERVENT? technology to allow for maximum vent integrity as well as ventilation. During an impact, the innovative SUPERVENT? system spreads energy more efficiently than conventional harder internal foam reinforcements. PHENOM also includes BUMPERFIT? pads are viscoelastic or ?memory? foam that provides maximum comfort and fit while adding energy management properties during an impact.

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Closest thing to Specialized Phenom?

So I've got a Specialized Phenom on my road bike and I love it accept that after only 3 years of use it creaks and cracks like crazy. Seems like longevity is often a problem with the spec. saddles. Any thoughts on a comparable replacement? How does the Romin compare? Any other makers that compare in ... Read More »

Any Toupe users also ride a Phenom?

I just built the components from my 07 Roubaix Expert into a cyclocross bike. I have a new road bike on order, but that's a different thread. I'm still using the Toupe Gel saddle from my old ride. I really like the Toupe saddle and will be getting a new one for my new road bike as it's coming with a ... Read More »

Phenom Saddle

Anyone tried the new Phenom on the road? Looks alot like the Toupe except with more drop in the nose. I'm in the market for a new saddle and curious. Thanks.Read More »

Have any Toupe users tried the Phenom?

I use a Specialized Toupe saddle on my bike (143 width), and I was wondering if anyone here had tried out or bought the new MTB saddle from Specialized, the Phenom. It is supposed to be an off-road Toupe, essentially, with more padding, less plastic bits and a downturned nose for climbing. I r ... Read More »

Is "CHUNK" just a local phenom?

There is a "gang" of sort that roams the streets of Portland... self-named (I think) "C.H.U.N.K".. just wondering if others had experienced the local flavor in other cities. the races they hold are god damn hilarious. [url]http://www.dclxvi.org/chunk/what/index.html[/url]Read More »

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