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Lazer Compact Helmet

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S - Works Roubaix SL3 conversion to Compact

Am I able to just switch 53 X 39 to 50 X 34 on the same spider. If so where do I get the rings and how many links come out of the chain.Read More »

50 vs 48 outer compact C/R

Trying to decide between these two. Would there be a noticeable difference in power going from a 50 to a 48?Read More »

best compact Pump for clincher 404

Not having much luck with buying a decent compact pumpRead More »

New and somewhat lost...Standard or Compact

So... I'm buying a new bike and I'm debating whether or not I go with a standard or compact crank. Most of the time I'll likely be riding on pretty flat surfaces, sometimes rolling, and rarely big climbs. The majority of my training will be under 40 miles. If you need anymore information about me ... Read More »

Campagnolo Centaur compact, change 50 chainring to 52 or it possible?

Hello all, I would like to change my 10sp Campagnolo Centaur CT 2007 chainset (Ultra Torque) from compact to standard. Nevertheless, it costs a lot and I was thinking, if it is possible to change only the big chainring. I have a 50 teeth chainring and if I could swap it with a 52 or 53 would be per ... Read More »

Read More »




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