Lazer Sport Oasiz Helmets

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Product Description

Thanks to the input of mountain bike legend and style-guru Brian Lopes, the Lazer Oasiz Helmet offers increased protection and coverage at a price and weight rivaling the best of the company's lighter and more expensive road and cross-country offerings. Designed with all-mountain riders in mind, the Lazer Oasiz Helmet features the revolutionary Magic Buckle, a magnetic clasp system that uses two strong magnets to pull the clasp together and keep it fastened. Of course, this makes the Oasiz easy to fasten with one hand while riding. The Oasiz is constructed using Lazer's Rigidity Brace System (RBS), a helmet-specific, in-molded reinforcement structure that works like a skeleton to improve impact resistance and guarantee higher safety. In addition, the Oasiz's sides and back come down a bit lower than most helmets, offering more coverage for all-mountain riding. But don't assume this extra protection comes at the price of comfort; the Oasiz's 21 vents usher air through the shell, pushing heat out to keep your head cool.Like many of Lazer's best helmets, the Oasiz uses the Rollsys retention system made popular by the company?s road helmets. Compared to other fit systems, Lazer?s patented Rollsys is a fully integrated mechanism that surrounds the head completely. To dial in the fit, simply turn the smooth thumb wheel on top of the helmet. Even better, the Oasiz's Rollsys tightens symmetrically -- without pressure points -- a feeling enhanced by the Oasiz's antimicrobial, odor-fighting, and temperature-regulating X-static pads that stretch from the forehead back to above the ears.The Lazer Oasiz Helmet comes in two sizes -- XX-Small/Medium and Large/XL-Large. It's available in Lopes White, White/red, and White/silver and has a removable visor.

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